Operational Excellence

Companies are under increasing pressure to optimize their production and supply chain and deliver their services more efficiently.

Various challenges, like: increased pricing pressure, greater product variety, shorter delivery times pressure on unit costs, inventory reduction and reduced processing times are only a few challenges faced by today’s business operations. This list of examples only indicates the complexity and scope of the multiple challenges production and logistics managers face every day.

For these tasks, a variety of management concepts was developed, each of which promised to optimize the production. Although many of these management concepts (e.g. lean philosophy) make a valuable contribution to meeting these requirements, inconsistent application and in some cases, wrong advice, confused and frustrated many managers and employees in recent years.

In the course of our consulting projects we have supported many companies to quickly implement significant and sustainable improvements in performance and efficiency. Our proven consulting approach is based on many successfully implemented projects.

In the first step we analyze the current situation in sales department, production or service, using proven tools and methods. After a thorough and detailed data analysis, we work closely with the managers on site to prepare an improvement concept.

To ensure long term success of the engagement, project implementation is accompanied with intensive support and professional advice. Even after the implementation we strive to ensure the sustainability after the official end of the project by installing appropriate reporting tools and measures and coaching company’s staff wherever necessary.