Anja Hornke

Anja Hornke is an expert in the effective design and delivery of corporate functions. During her extensive line and consulting experience, she supported many leading international companies of various industries with organizational restructuring, process improvements, shared services and outsourcing, often accompanied with extensive change management activities. With her “hands-on” consulting style she achieved excellent project results.

Ms. Hornke is a graduate in business administration and a Master of Arts in European Business Administration (Newcastle Business School, UK, Georgia State University, USA). Besides her native German, she speaks fluent English.

Ms. Hornke is a partner at Xellience and previously worked for Deloitte Consulting, Arthur Andersen Management Consulting and Kellogg (UK).

Markus Kukla

Markus Kukla, married, 3 children, born in 1968 in Bielefeld, started his consulting and auditing experience in the 90s. He specializes in the areas of quality, lean, project management, productivity improvement and auditing. Since 2008 he is Six Sigma Black Belt.

His primary areas of activity are optimization projects in the metal industry, the plastics processing industry and in the automotive supply chain.

Mr. Kukla is a partner at Xellience and is also working as a Lead Auditor for a well-known international certification company since 1998. He is a graduate engineer and has studied at the University of Hanover. He is fluent in German and English. Mr. Kukla lives in Hamburg.

Tanja Litzinger-Laass

Tanja Litzinger-Laass, born in Munich in 1970, married, has extensive experience in consulting and line functions. She has a degree in business administration, is a multiple certified trainer and a certified European Business Coach.

Ms. Litzinger-Laass is an expert in the full spectrum training: to range from strategic planning to design and implementation of national and international training courses, to train the trainer sessions.

Ms. Litzinger-Laass acquired and demonstrated her expertise e.g. with BMW, Schindler, PwC and Synk.

Dr. Gerald Preißler

Dr. Gerald Preißler, born in Munich in 1973, married, two children, is Professor of Accounting and Business Administration at the University of Applied Sciences Nuremberg and partner of the German Society for Applied Controlling (DGC Ltd.).

Previously, he worked as an economist for corporate accounting in corporate finance of an international industrial company. Prof. Dr. Gerald Preißler has also worked for many years as a seminar speaker for leading seminar organizers and companies at home and abroad as well as a technical writer.

He is also qualified as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in the U.S. and a scientific advisory council of Xellience.

Marc Zinkel

Marc Zinkel has extensive cross-industry consulting and line management experience in project execution for design, development and implementation of shared service organizations, IT strategy and transformation programs as well as in the international organizational and business development.

As an Associate Partner of Xellience Mr. Zinkel manages primarily topics in the areas of IT strategy and shared services. Further, he supports clients during optimization and restructuring projects as well as in setting up service and operating models.

Mr. Zinkel e.g. held senior positions in the Allianz Group, Accenture and Capgemini.