Adaptation to a changing environment is challenging even for healthy businesses. Volatile financial markets, stiff competition and increasing complexity in daily operations as well as other factors may lead – quite often not recognized – to troubled spots.

If in this context relevant crisis signals are not recognized and if respective threats are not addressed and overcome by appropriate measures, such crises can be an existential threat to companies.

A successful crisis management imposes high demands on management and its external consultants. Very often, restructuring procedures are applied in the same manner as in past engagements. In our opinion, it is critical for success to develop an individual an innovative approach.

Every crisis is different and requires flexible and professional solutions. The experience and intuition of the external consultants are indispensible. In close cooperation with management, work council and employees, seasoned and interdisciplinary Xellience experts develop restructuring and reorganization concepts and accompany them throughout the successful implementation.

We have extensive experience in the preparation of restructuring opinions (in particular in accordance to German Restructuring Opinion Standard IDW S6), from major restructuring cases during and after the peak of the financial crisis. Negotiations with banks, shareholders and other stakeholders are every-day business for us.

We know how to translate restructuring efforts into measurable results. Our consultants with industry experience use their knowledge for you to achieve your goals in a efficient and intelligent way.